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Originally Posted by Seeker90 View Post
Also I want to know how I can effectively communicate that [...] I want you (particularly Drew) to realize that you destroyed that blind trust in me. And you'll need to earn it back, and I'm more than willing to give you that chance, but I'm not going to be freely trusting again, you need to prove to me I can trust you, that sort of message.
I think you're in a tricky position for that. Basically, you're not really in a fighting position to make demands. That kind of thing would work if Drew was begging you to take him back ("Fine, but you'll need to re-earn my trust.") But that's not the case here. You're the one who wants a relationship again, and he's the one who doesn't.

So you basically want to find a good way of telling him that in order to get something he doesn't want as it is, he'll need to make a lot of effort before you let him. I really don't think you'll be able to do that, man. I mean, I don't see what he'd get from it.
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