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I took the survey and despite the fact that I have a primary partner (as your survey rather assumes), I also had some issues making my situation "fit." For instance, I left a whole section blank because although my partner and I do have an agreement in our newly poly arrangement about eventually phasing in sleepovers, it simply has not happened yet, and so I can't speak with the authority of experience about how it makes me feel.

Also, I think "favorite" is a word that grates many poly people. It's like trying to get me to use a spectrum that only goes from black to white instead of the whole rainbow of ways I can feel about people. And just because I have chosen to have a life partnership with one particular partner does not mean that all in all I love him more than other people.

Anyway, I hope you find what you set out to discover. It would be really difficult to design a perfect survey that could account for all the variance in poly relationships, so I for my part can hardly blame you for the blind spots in your study.

Will you update in this thread when you finish it?


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