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Hormonal contraception isn't the greatest either... personally I am not only resistant but highly reactive... depending on the dosage.. I can go from (high dosage) almost manic depressive to (low dosage) bleeding out for 18 days and a trip to hospital via ambulance along with having to be put on a heart monitor... as for the contraceptive side of things... my eldest was the result of sheer stupidity (17yrs old), my second was conceived while on a mid-dosage pill, and my third was... well sheer thoughtlessness on my (ex)husbands part and my own inability to protect myself (abusive situation) - I didn't know I was pregnant with my third until I was mid term and starting to show as I had periods the entire way through the pregnancy.
All up I have had 7 pregnancies and 4 terminations (all but the first pregnancy/termination with the same partner*) - one of those was mid-term, each of these I think about every day, and wonder what if... and the mid term... she was perfect** another pregnancy I hadn't known about til I was at the 19week mark... but I couldn't bring another child into that environment and I did not have the strength to leave at that stage (I live with the guilt and shame of those choices every single day).

It is the height of disrespect to 'accidentally' fluid bond, and from what I have read in this thread - it wasn't accidental... he knew he wasn't protected, others have commented on that - so I won't go into it. just wanted to get my own two cents in and give another viewpoint on the absolute necessity for proper protection.

Edit *My exhusband was an abusive prick who took what he wanted when and how he wanted... he was aware I was unable to take the pill or other hormonal methods, and was uninterested in protecting me... until after the 7th when the doctors told him I was unfit for the marital bed, (I could not risk further pregnancies) unless he got the snip... (Of course it wasn't for another 6 yrs or so that I found out he had had an affair (and countless one nighters) for at least every year of our marriage... guaranteed he wasn't using protection there either)

**I just wanted to add - the reason I said the midterm termination was perfect... after 20 weeks, it must be delivered as one would a normal pregnancy, you have to go through labour, and give birth to a stillborn baby. This is a very traumatic experience for anyone, and from the perspective that you chose to end that life - mindfucking to put it mildly...
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