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Here is an update on the process we are having...

Last night Ouroboros came over for dinner. I made stuffed shells and we drank wine... We started getting intimate, when I noticed he was not entirely into it. I asked what was wrong, and he said he felt uncomfortable with sleeping with me. He said that me saying " you disrepected my boundaries" resonates in his mind, and he does not want to feel that he is continually doing that. He seemed really bothered. I talked with him for a bit, trying to understand where he was coming from, and he said that he was taking things seriously, and that sex with me meant a great deal to him. He didn't want it cheapened by his feelings. He didn't want the conversations to stop or get clouded by us having fun.

This was a REALLY strange conversation for me. I have only once had a boyfriend say something like this to me. This was my first love.

Usually guys cannot wait to jump me regardless of how I feel.

I told him that I felt sex was an important part of intimacy, and that I actually needed it along with other things in our relationship to maintain that connection with each other. This is not why we are together... that was clarified by the both of us too.

Anyways, although it was a bit sad at the beginning, this made me realize that he really is taking all I have said to heart.

One point for uroboros!
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