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Ok yes, back up a second. No, he is not talking about acting in the moment to fuck any random person. He is talking about acting on the moment with the two women he is already involved with. He has told me that he intends to have sex with both of them "at some point"...I have asked him to NOT have sex with girl #2 at this time because I want to get a grip on girl #1 first, then go from there.

So, no, he is not out screwing every thing that comes his way. He is talking about being in an intimate situation with the girls he is currently dating that I already know about, and having things go to that level of intimacy and feeling free to have intercourse if it comes up.

What I am confused about is this: Since he has already told me that he plans to have sex with these girls, is that it? And then just one day he will say, Oh I had a date with girl#1 the other night and we had sex. I suppose I should be asking him this......

I guess what I am wanting to know is what are your experiences when it comes to A) meeting someone new and having an interest in pursuing them to B) letting your current partner(s) know you have met someone new to C) negotiating how, when, frequency, etc of dating said new person to D) deciding you want to get physical with them and letting your current partner(s) know this to E) having sex with the new person. Obviously there is no set sequence of events, everyone is different, and it requires talking talking talking to everyone involved.
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