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Default Help with Communicating

Do a tag search on 'communication', 'NVC' and 'non-violent communication'. There are a lot of people here with strong backgrounds in the area.

Try writing a letter to Drew and to Brian, perhaps first an uncensored letter with all of your thoughts on the matter, then take a break for few days, read the letter again, and check how many 'you' -statements you can change into 'I' -statements. I'm not saying you should post them unless you really feel comfortable with them, because although written communication can help in some situations, it can also make things more complicated because you can't really take it back in a way - there will be literal tangible proof of what you said, and it can sometimes hamper communication when the receiving party feasts on what they perceive to be the faults of the letter and doesn't focus on the situation as it is now.

There is a thread by the member habitat on writing a letter to her love after repeated boundary breaking. Take a look into that.

Best of luck!
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