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I was moving out that way before meeting either of them. I have other plans for where I'm heading that don't revolve around them too. However, I thought that it would be a benefit that there wouldn't be as much distance. They've continued to encourage me to move and have said they look to it as well.

Also, I don't suck at communicating directly. I'm good at communicating directly, however, I don't like communicating when I know or have the feeling someone could get hurt. So it's not right or accurate to assume that because I avoid confrontations at times means that I suck at communicating. I'm not perfect at it, but don't suck either.

And I obviously am not trying to create, instigate, or provoke any drama. I'm here for advice on the situation, cause I believe it is savable.

And furthermore, I've already said I've acknowledged what I need to work on. So can anyone help with some of the questions I've asked in regards to say Drew or Michael? Cause even though I'm the one writing, I'm not the only one whose problems stirred stuff up.
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