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Originally Posted by idealist View Post

This is my question: How do you think sexuality and asexuality is affected by our own perception of our physical attractiveness.
Both of the people who identified as asexual at the meeting were very attractive. One male; young fit, vigorous looking and confident. One woman; young, great curves, amazing wit and a great smile. I don't think it plays any part in it at all. I think that would be like a guy identifying as homesexual because he has a small build or feminine features. Even the idea of self image issues implies that asexuality can not exist in a healthy, fully confident person.

The asexual woman simply does not have any desire to engage in sexual activity with someone. I think I can relate at times. When my connection is broken or diminished with Redpepper I don't feel the desire for sex with any one...but it isn't from being turned off. At those times there is just no desire for sex. Not saying that asexual people have any issue with connection LOL! Asexual people develop fully romantic relationships without the desire to express them sexually.

I acknowledge asexuality as an orientation that does not need a sexual outlet to express romantic love.

Do you find it hard to believe that a person could actually not have an interest in sex?

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