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Default Thanks Tonberry

Yeah, alot of what you said is true. I also see that and have been trying to work on things. Like I said, I still talk with them. I just got off the phone with Brian before checking and replying to this.

Both of them still want me to move to the city in the fall for school. So I'm thinking/hoping that the physically being closer instead of 2 timezones apart will help things.

I know that I'm not in the complete right here. I also see the points that you and some other people are bringing up. I would like to address them with both Drew and Brian, but wouldn't know how to do it at this stage of things. I'd be afraid of messing things up further.

Also I want to know how I can effectively communicate that while I understand where I have been wrong and want to improve on those aspects myself, I want you (particularly Drew) to realize that you destroyed that blind trust in me. And you'll need to earn it back, and I'm more than willing to give you that chance, but I'm not going to be freely trusting again, you need to prove to me I can trust you, that sort of message.

Any other advice is still welcome. Thanks to everyone so far too.
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