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Default where was I?

Oh yeah domestic situation...
In addition to my kids, my elderly parents live with me. Not that they are invalids, but they both have had some serious medical issues (heart attacks, bypass, cardiac stents, diabetes, hip replacement, knee repalcements and bouts with cancer); and so they live with me just because it is better for all. This is a two-fold challenge.
1) I bought their home 12 years ago when dad retired and they moved to Florida for half the year, and used Homebase for the other half of the year. Not a problem and it was a welcomed arrangement to have them there when I worked. But they often forget it isnt their home so to speak as in ownership- and get quite ornery when we disturb their routines or change the house in any way

2) Privacy is a major issue- and there is never a time when there isn't someone at home.

My dad is a retired cop, mom still works parttime at the local pharmacy and is a senior liason for our local state rep. SO they are quite active. Dad usually occupies his day with visits to a couple of friends, diners and taking my son to practice. He begrudgingly will attend the girls games, practices, activities, shows; but he happily attends to my boy. Ok fair enough whatever makes him happy. The girls tease him all the time about being like Archie Bunker. Mom is and has always been a neatfreak, and organizational nazi. I take after her as far as cleaning- 2Rings teases me because I love the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap and Clorox too. I am not very good at organizing- so it is clean chaos.
Anyway, yeah so my parents are a big part of my daily life.

To recap: I work fulltime, go to school parttime, clean and cook for 8 in my household and have both a husband and I keep in touch with friends, have girls night at least once a month (which KT was part of last month) and love being involved in various community/church activities although that has taken a major back-burner position in the last 2 years.

Busy MG. No wonder this blog took forever in being started. I've gotta network on FB too! LOL!

At this point ask any questions...tomorrow I will go back to my ideas on poly, my past etc. I am going to lurk for a bit tonight and may post on a few other threads.

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