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Red face An optimistic hello

So, I'm new to this forum and new to polyamory in general.

I am currently in a new relationship of only a few months with a man who has a long term relationship of almost four years. They are both new to the idea, too. So... I wanted to introduce myself Hi!

I am happy that I stumbled upon this site as I'm really touched and encouraged by the mature tone of everyone who posts here, how helpful and compassionate the responses are etc.

Polyamory is something that I've never disagreed with in principle, but always thought of it as something other people did, and I cynically thought that poly relationships were probably at best as successful as mono ones. But the opportunity arose in my life and I met someone who truly resonated with me, and I found that my responses were surprising, to even myself. While I always assumed jealousy would be this vile, unavoidable emotion that would make me feel awful, I experienced a different kind of insecurity, a more personal sort of worry that slowly began to evaporate when I sat down and really looked at it. And now, much to my amusement and joy, I find myself feeling really happy and receptive to the possibilities

I am meeting the other girl tomorrow and am very nervous, but excited. Any words of advice? I'm sure I won't get away without making a few newbie mistakes
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