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Originally Posted by Temptress View Post
Then G had a major malfunction. One night, he called me at D and Ms place. He sounded creepy and totally off. Asking where I was, who I was with, and acting totally out of character. All three of us freaked out. D and I also realized that we had grown attached.

G and I had a long talk after that night. We quickly realized that we needed more communication about what was exactly going on, how I was feeling about D & M, and a clearer division of time. We also discovered that Gs sleep walking had evolved from just opening doors, and cooking food. Now he can use his cell phone too!
I once called a friend kinda late at night and had the strangest conversation with him. "Totally off" pretty much describes it... he was whiny and weird. It wasn't until the next day that I realized he'd been asleep when I called and had never woken up! The way I described it was that I was talking to his id.
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