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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
This, I agree with. However, the data in Sex at Dawn is pretty compelling. I am not saying you 2 are wrong in your feelings of monogamy or poly-fi. It's great it works for you and you're comfortable, even ecstatic, with your choices. I'm just asking you to consider a culture where every day is orgy day. Would you still be mono or poly-fi?
No saying you are wrong either .. I am with mono, it is apparent most people that read this suddenly believe it to be one twue way. It isn't.

What you are showing an example of is cultural influence. Not biology. Its the "natural" aspect that annoys me. We were once slave traders (go back to the mayans) is that natural?

People are claiming biological influence when it is likely cultural. And all of these wonderful group settings, sound great. But what about the anthropological proof of alpha/beta. Maybe some culturing can get rid of that but I doubt it would work everywhere.

Again, the arguments show there definite signs of acceptable and cultural non-monogamy. Thats fucking awesome. But I dislike when its attached to the biology of people based on small sub sections. Again mags, not saying you are doing this, but I have seen a lot of debaters who are. The other side should be realized to. Trying to define a relationship structure around biology is comical.

Anyways, I am far to sick to put together a good counter point. I had a lot of great points when my brain wasn't fried. This rings of religion to me. People grab onto it and worship the point and ignore the rest. I am anthro-nostic maybe (hell I love made up words)... the beauty of being human is our diversity to chose. Too many people try to pigeon hole based on culture, religion, history and half truths.

BTW I do love the debate, my mother had her masters in sociology and anthropology with a minor in psychiatry. My father had his Bs... this is the kind of stuff I argued with them about... she would find that book fascinating and its one I intend to give her soon

*yawn* back to my brain frying (cough)
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