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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Mono and I are great. We carry on as our usual selves, bickering and arguing about stuff that we can't seem to see eye to eye on. Mostly about the forums these days. He is so different than me, yet we love each other immensely. I have never known someone to challenge me so much yet I never seem to feel as if we aren't on the same page some how. We always end up being fine. It certainly plays out in the bedroom so I'm not complaining.

Our relationship has deep roots in an extremely trusting friendship. We are naturally drawn together and I love just being around you. True, we are very different and see the same situations on the forum with different perspectives and this leads to bickering. But we usually find out we are merely misinterpretting each other LOL! We do that quite often as well. The way we talk leads to confusion and frustration but we get through it Our connection is strong and our love very passionate...things are in fact..GREAT!

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