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You're right Peny, sorry I should have elaborated on my post; I simply meant discussing the tone of the previous posts...

I fully agree, and you know I love ya Penny... I faced that scenario and it can definitely breed resentment and bitterness, still does from time to time. Truth is that the previous posts over simplified the poly dynamic... It is true men have a harder time finding poly partners, but that's not to say it's as easy as previously implied by earlier posts for women to find metamours.

I think that the rejection rate is higher for men, but I am drawing on my own experience; and that's informed by where I live and the community I live in. My wife has been rejected because of Poly at least twice, and I told her the same thing she has been telling me....ultimately it's not you they are rejecting, they're rejecting your wife haha but actually they are rejecting poly and chances are good that if something drew them to you initially they wouldn't have any issue dating you if you were single...
Polyamory is wrong! It's Multiamory or Polyphilia. Mixing Greek and Latin roots? That's wrong.
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