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Default And again...

So my house is Grand Central Station...may as well insert my domestic situation here before we go back to my earlier history.

I am married and have four children. I met my husband in July of 1990. We started dating in November of that year(yes, I was in another relationship when we met ). It was an LDR for my husband and I for most of 1991 after he moved back to Ireland. I visited in September of 1991 and stayed. He proposed at Christmas. We married the following October 1992. It wasn't supposed to be until the following summer but Mother Nature and Immigration had a different agenda. I was pregnant with twins. He had a bit of "political" history so it was pedal to the metal to get the process through Immigration before legislation was changed in US (which we knew was coming down the pike because of a close friend in Congress). Not that I would have objected to living in Ireland. On the contrary. But I just wanted to be with my family as a pregnant 23yo with no idea as to how I was going to deal with TWO babies. Going from zero to two and a husband was quite the adjustment to my independent, curious and wandering nature. But we will talk about that later.

So yes, I have been with hubs and married for most of my life. I have been a mother for most of my life. And I would not change those facts, they are part of who I am. Well, I might change the married part...I think I probably wouldn't mind a domestic situation with hubs without the conventionality of marriage...poly is not generally accepted even by one's own loved ones when there is a piece of paper that says I am contracted out to only one. But then again...I have always been one to buck the system. It's the Ram in me.
And that is not to say hubs is the one with the major problem with poly. Exact opposite. Not sure if it is his European liberalism on most social issues, or what but he has been surprisingly well-adjusted to this change in our dynamic. There are very few outbursts or ripples in the water about 2Rings. We have our other outbursts completely separate from poly, but not a whole lot of resistence from him about me being in another sexual/love relationship. Strange for a mono. But he has stated on numerous occassions that he is not interested in seeking another companion. His policy of DADT about my sexual practices with 2Rings is for his own protection according to him, and quite honestly it is appreciated. Other than knowing the basics of who, where and when will I be home, he doesn't seem to have the need to know. He is a thoroughly well-adjusted mono living with a poly wife. Maybe for other reasons, but jealousy hasnt been an issue. more on him later.
My kids...

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