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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I'm just asking you to consider a culture where every day is orgy day. Would you still be mono or poly-fi?
Sorry if I came off as condemning a book as it is not my intention. Some people, not saying you Magdlyn, just seem to take everything in it as 100% based on fact and infallible research when even other people in the authors' field question it. That is where I find some difficulty.

As far as a culture where every day was an orgy? I would still be who I am...the only difference would be is that I would likely have to shed the orgy programming that society would impose upon me to find my true nature of monogamy. Similar to how poly people have to shed their monogamous programming to find their true nature. Maybe I would create my own little community of "enlightened" people…who knows.

Besides that, show me any orgy culture that has achieved anything like the level of modern infrastructure, technology or general societal order that I enjoy and I will definitely give it more credence. I'm glad that we have new theories of how our societal/relationship dynamics have evolved. For me the key word is evolved. I learn from the past, I don't live in it.

We are hi-jacking this thread...sorry everyone, I'm done with this topic now I swear

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