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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
From what I can tell, the swinger scene is less open to gay men than polyamory is. I am not sure why except that maybe most porn is herteosexual guy fantasy material.
Hi thought I'd chime in
As a multi- decades lesbian turned bi thenswing then poly, I have observed this as well. I found the swing scene to be more poly minded often but yes definitely homophobic for men but not for women. Many bi men I spoke to shared their experiences of being seen as " too gay" and therefore often had to play it str8 to be involved. It seems like some aspects of swing are all about the str8 men's desires, yet they will quickly tell you it's really the women that have the control, as women are the gatekeepers to most parties. For Which the men need the women to gain access. After running thru these changes for myself I've found that the amount of bi people is about 400% larger than I'd previously been aware of. And also that the str8 people in my life have been far more open minded about my relationships than the majority of my gay friends.
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