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Default Finally Found Where I Belong

I've known I was bisexual since i was about 7 and experimented with a friend. I've always found myself extremly attracted to women and even fell in love with my best friend from high school (she was straight). Then i met my now boyfriend. He is the love of my life and i've been nothing but faithful and honest with him. He knew about my bisexuality and I once touched the subject on swinging to him and he was surprisingly receptive. However in talking he decided he didnt' like how swinging is so one-night-standish. I don't have an interest in other men as he satisfies all my needs, but there is just something about the feminine figure and ways of a woman that intrigue me. After some discussing we decided that if we tried out this threesome thing that we wanted it to be serious. We are looking for another girlfriend that would complete us. She would be loved by us both and the same in return. I've joined swinger websites but there doesn't seem to be people looking for the same thing. Somehow i stumbled upon polyamory and realized there was a name for what we were looking for. However there are no local groups so here i am looking and reading and responding.
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