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I invited my boyfriend and girlfriend out to a Birthday party, and my husband will be there too. It will be the first time the three of us will be together in front of DHís and my social circle. Iím a bit nervous about it, but I think it will be nice. Most of our friends know that we are in an open marriage, however very few know that we are poly. Iím sure that few would actually know the difference. I doubt that many eyebrows will rise anyway, since the place we will be going to is counted as a part of the ďalternative sceneĒ.

I think the think that worries me is that, I have either been out and about with them or my husband. I donít want to seem like I am spending too much time with one or the other or either. I think the best thing I could do is, stop putting pressure on myself and do what comes natural to me.

DH and Boyfriend will be having a couple of drinks together tonight, and I will be hanging out with girlfriend and sister. It makes me happy that Husband and boyfriend can be so friendly. It used to worry me that they might clash, but Iím over that now. Mainly because I never realized until recently that they are rather similar in some ways.

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world

Also please feel free to ask questions and comment. Plus it would be nice to know if I am actually getting my point across without coming over like a big ole bag of crazy
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