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I'm not "bitter", but women constantly claim it's just as "hard" for them to find a man, as it is for a man to find a woman. This simply is NOT TRUE.

Don't believe it? Try this experiment:

Post TWO identical ads in any classified, anywhere. One for a male, and one for a female. See which one gets more responses....or, to be more specific, more CLICKS even.

My wife's ad on OKC, gets four or five guys per DAY clicking on her profile. Mine, has gotten 2 in the past week.....and one of them is a woman I already know in person. My profile has been gone over and re-done by a woman with ZERO improvement on results.

So, please, show me where I'm wrong?

As for men and women being "cautious", they have to be cautious in different aspects. A man has to be cautious so as to not ruin his chances of going out on said date. A woman has to be cautious in the aspect of whether or not the guy is a creep and will he try to make a move on her when they are alone. Two totally different things here, so don't try to compare the two.

And on the last comment, YES, I am serious. Prove me wrong. There are certain extreemes which are deal breakers for some. Example: If the woman is severely disfigured, or obese, this may cause some problems in finding a man. If the woman is a drug user, or alcoholic, this may cause some problems.

Last night, my wife and I discussed this problem together. She said I was full of crap. So, I asked her what she did when a guy looks at her profile. She said 90% of the time, she ignores it unless he messages her. I asked her what about the other 10% of the time, and WHY she ignored it that 90%? Her response? She looked at the thumbnail pic. If he looks good in that pic, then she would check out his profile. So....I have deduced, that I am simply not attractive enough for women to be looking at my profile. I will need to go to the plastic surgeon immediatly to remedy this situation! LMAO! (Notice the sarcasm here???)

Anyway, prove to me how much easier men have it when it comes to dating than women. Post up some of your trials and tribulations.

My annalysis? The obvious is, and always has been, true. Men are more visual than women, while women are more substance driven. At the same time, women want a guy who is still easy on the eyes. (It also doesn't hurt if he's got lots of money LOL *note* More sarcasm)
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