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Things are humming along here.

I was the pick up girl for a Carnival Burlesque show this past weekend and got to dress up like a cheeky clown. It was so much fun, a lot of hard work and I got shot with a sparkle gun. Next up is Robot burlesque at the end of the month. Practice starts Monday.

I am missing PN lately. He is very quiet about himself and not all that interested in spending time together. We have been getting along great but he is very much in a hermit phase. A long winter with no holiday, the year end business to keep up with at work (he does 1/3 of his work in March) and the almost death of his father has meant little to no time for anything else but catching up on sleep and looking after himself.

PN's dad is about to head home to his island. He will be in hospital for much more time to come, but he is on the mend... he is still very confused, but that is lessoning. Work has started to figure out support for him and his wife.

Mono and I are great. We carry on as our usual selves, bickering and arguing about stuff that we can't seem to see eye to eye on. Mostly about the forums these days. He is so different than me, yet we love each other immensely. I have never known someone to challenge me so much yet I never seem to feel as if we aren't on the same page some how. We always end up being fine. It certainly plays out in the bedroom so I'm not complaining.

My dear Derby is a gem. She continues to nurture my need for having someone to bounce stuff off of who won't argue with me or agree necessarily but just listen. I love our conversations. We can be so gossipy, but at the end of the day we have sorted so much out about our lives and what we think about stuff. It's so important and keeps me grounded and on the path to thinking clearly about what I want and where my future lies. She has really made me sit up and notice that half the stuff I get wrapped up in is bullshit and not worth my energy. I love her for that.

I have a date with Leo tomorrow night. It's been 5 weeks and I look forward to seeing him again. Beer at a pub and a long talk.

I have been thinking about my tersiary a lot lately. I have some tools of his in the back of the car that I have been driving around for a month. I need to return them but he doesn't reply to the emails I send. I think I will just go over.

I have seen his wife several times in the last few weeks and wonder how his divorce is going. She has integrated into my community here and it causes me some concern. Her and I have a long history together. She comes up every now and then into my life. She and I always seem to seek out similar communities. It's so interesting how people circle around sometimes.
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