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Ok Mr,
that last line was just hysterically funny.

In truth the 3rd person is potentially interested in more, and I'm sure you haven't been able to read my blog THAT FAR BACK-it'd take you a year! But, she knows that am potentially interested in more with her as well.

HOWEVER-not right now.

I'm a...
needy lover (for lack of a better word).

I don't want a lover if I can't see them at least a couple times a week EVERY WEEK as a rule of thumb.
This person is available for a face to face visit a couple times a month if I'm lucky.

I can do that limitation with FRIENDS - but I'm not interested in doing that with a lover.

As for the MT's-well, I honestly think that the issue is that THEY are interested in more with her AND with Maca. They aren't getting more with EITHER-so they're frightened and intimidated by our "budding" friendship.

One of the things that struck me was the comment about "new relationships".
This isn't a "new" relationship. We've been building this friendship since June of last year!

And the she in question does happen to be a more.. conservative person in the sense that she isn't as outspoken as I am by half. She did set down some boundaries so to speak after the fact (which I found out about after I wrote on here). I'm just a bit... more outspoken and to the point, she's more polite, gentle and likely to nudge where I'll toss ya off the diving board.

As for friends, I am quite honest-sometimes brutally so I've been told.
And yes,
I seem quite capable of making friends online.

I honestly think that part of the issue is that people are more willing and able to be honest online (with their REAL lives in anonymity) than they are in real life. If you know what I mean.

That's fine-until you are face to face. Then it gets a bit complicated.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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