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Originally Posted by Seeker90 View Post
I say that it was like cheating, because there was/seemed to be a mutual understanding that it was us three. When I'd first met them, I also started seeing another guy before anything serious happened with Drew or Brian. This was back when we'd only just begun talking. They got jealous and said they didn't like that I was seeing someone else. That didn't last long anyway and I focused on building something with them.

I know some details about Michael. Nothing too in depth just basic stats about him, where he's from, and what he looks like. Regardless of that, with the presumption that it was just us three, with no indication of seeking others out, I didn't like the communication with Michael. Nor having it happen without my knowledge or being lied to about it.

I talked to them via text, phone, and Skype from December until meeting in March.

No, I hadn't met Drew before realizing that I loved him. But I don't think that it matters whether or not. If I was wrong after meeting him in person I wouldn't have continued to have a relationship with him. I was right in knowing that I loved him from when I felt it.

No, I didn't fail. I stopped and listen to Brian, and let Drew message me. But only communicated with him after asking Brian if it was fine. Soon after Brian also started talking with me more.

I think that answers all the questions posed.
Yes, thanks for filling those missing bits in.
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