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Default hello!

Er, gosh. It's strange figuring out how to phrase this.

...well. Hi! I'm 19, and from the US. I don't have any real poly experience - I'm in a long-distance relationship with a girl who identifies as monoamorous but not necessarily entirely against polyamory; I've realized, over the course of about the past month or so, that I'm... open to polyamory, I guess, within a degree. I don't feel a driving need to be in a polyamorous relationship if my partner isn't comfortable with it, I just recognize it as a vague possibility that my future affections may tend toward more than one person. And if that does happen, I'll... talk about it with her, haha.

I guess that settles the "explain your situation" part. As far as why the heck I'm here? I mostly want to get a feel for what the community of poly-identified folks is like. I'm not necessarily looking for support; I'm just curious to learn more about this nascent aspect of my identity. To that end, I can't say whether or not I'll be posting much.
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