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Default how did i know?

hello everyone... this is my very first posting.

i used to believe there was something truly wrong with me deep inside. i always had feelings for more than one person, even as a teen i would form multiple relationships(not many sex based) . in all there was intimacy but not always sex. im still that way. i just love ppl.

for years i was confused and miserable. society tells us we should be monogomous, that we should only love one other, yet how can that be the way its meant to be? we can love more than one child, or more than one sibling, why not fiends/lovers?

i met someone a few years ago online.. and we hit it off very well.. and i broke down pone day and cried because i felt so lost.. i remember hearing him say , "honey, its not you thats messed up, theres many ppl just like you. i myself am polyamorous."

i was like huh? whats that? so he sent me a few sites to look at and i spent some time reading.. and it felt like such a hug weight had been lifted from me. i am normal... theres nothing wrong with me.. at least not where this comes in . lol.

so, i believe i always knew, i just wasnt aware there was a name for it.
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