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Gia and I had our date night at her place last night. Eric was at class. Gia and I made delicious food together. Our conversations were long, organic, and far-ranging, sometimes serious, sometimes light. We both shared things that made us vulnerable, but it wasn't heavy... just talking.

I invited her to dinner with my parents next weekand she accepted. It's a doubly big deal -- we're a lesbian couple AND a poly couple -- and on top of that she knows my mom has been a little freaked out about us... but she barely even blinked. Eric came home and interacted with us briefly, but was super tired and went to bed early.

After dinner, I rubbed her back, shoulders, neck and scalp. Then we cuddled in bed for a bit and talked about the baby. Eric was lying quietly on his side of the bed. I assumed he was asleep, but it was really ok either way.

We hadn't just laid and held each other like that since the pregnancy started. She was so, so beautiful -- pale, the vivid colors of her tattoo contrasting with her skin. Her hair down, making her look more relaxed and free. Relaxation and love gracing her face. These days it's so noticeable when she's truly relaxed, because she's stressed so much.

She was topless, from the massage, but we didn't take it anywhere sexual, I just appreciated her body. Her breasts, soft and large and youthful. Her belly, healthy and round and full of life.

I love, I love, I love my lady.

I felt warmth and gratitude towards Eric for sharing her with me, for never being jealous. What I didn't feel was the ache I'm so used to feeling that comes from knowing he and I don't share a deeper relationship. It's like somehow, at least for that one night, it was totally ok. It would be so amazing if it stays that way, but who knows.

I messaged him today and just said "I know this is sappy, but thank you for sharing your lovely wife with me." He said, "You're welcome, I'm happy that you two enjoy your time spent together." With someone else I might wonder what's going on beneath the surface, but with him I've come to realize... he's so straightforward, that's really all it means.
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