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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I've been wondering lately how much of my enthusiasm for poly is fueled by a general feeling of loneliness. Not to say that it's wrong to want multiple relationships as a response to loneliness, but just wondering at the timing. I've been heavily involved with caring until very recently and now that I'm not so sorely needed anymore I find I have more free time in my hands than ever before. And also, when I think on it hard, there aren't that many people close by I can just comfortably hang out with.
Speaking of time, Ive noticed Heather & I have an AMPLE amount of time since our triangle ended that were not sure what to do with.

We have started searching on OKcupid & actually got a couple of replies, but most want to move much faster than we are ready for yet.

I guess were looking for ppl to comfortably hang out with first too.
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