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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I just finished Sex at Dawn and was happy to see the authors address current trends in contemporary life to deal with humans' natural need for sexual variety, in the last chapter. Polyamory, swinging and open relationships were all mentioned. So was the sad fact that most couples therapists today are not on the bangwagon, and try to enforce monogamy at all costs.
haha... semi comical side point. Could it be because most people seemingly suck at regular monogamous relationships and having multiple relationships will just be that much more tumultuous. Therapists might be more inclined to endorse non-monogamy if more people were better at being in a relationship with themselves first and then their lovers.

If I were a therapist, and saw cases roll through where the primary relationship wasn't doing well and someone took on another lover.. I would not be endorsing it either. With how high the ratio is on these poly sites, I wonder how negative it all feels to the therapists.
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