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actually i'm not looking for permission from the members. i'm sorry if this is how i came off. I must agree with rarechild that i don't think you can't hold off on communication. That in itself will lead to an unhealthy relationship. My wife and I are actually doing very well mentally and physically with the adjustment. She is not stressed out, or think she looks horrible or ect. I would have some sensethat if i came home to a crying or distressed woman to keep my mouth shut. Yes i do put my wife and my baby girl first, but in general my aspect on life is to put my mental and physical well being first so i am able to provide what they need. I had her whatch that mtv segment b/c i don't have alot of sources for information to point her towards. Like i said i am going to give her some time now to think it over before i bring the topics up agian. i'm not trying to rush things, this is something i've had stewing in my head for sometime now. Yes i would be lying if it was something i said i didn't want, but its something i truely do think we should explore together as one. I think there is always that fantasy scenerio, but to me that is fantasy alone. i guess at this point all i'm looking for is places where i can learn more and become more informed about the lifesytle.

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