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Default 13 ways of looking at a blackbird

"I'm just trying to figure out what your concern is. ARe you worried that somebody might see something that you don't want them to see? That they'll form a negative opinion of you based on what they see? That they'll see something that provides them with information about you that you lack, yourself?"

Hi SeventhCrow... your alias reminded me of the people by Wallace Stevens. I do not read much poetry but poetry is like a chord that resonates and gives all sorts of pleasure. Any poem you write is a gift of great effort and love. I digress.

You know... regardless of how great or awful i think i look i am always aware of my presence and it detracts me from whats happening. so to the nudists and to people who are not as self conscious i admire you... Its not about nudity at all really.. that is just an aside. But it would be nice if i did not care what I looked like. I mean...I wear no makeup, im naturally beautiful but I dont play the part. I dont like standing out at all. but then I think I want to "strut my stuff" ...see what would happen... it just seems silly when people gawk at you, I can only tolerate so much of that. That is why I want not to care about my presence at all. I can model nude but I cant walk around with clothes on without being self conscious. Why are some people so forward with outward appearances? I suppose it validates them in some way. I am not talking nudists so much here. Nudists are not the forward i am refering to here. They are probably opposite that.

My test went well after all....
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