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Some of you may not know me, but most do, as I have been a participating member off and on for over a year now. At various times this forum has been a source of great interest, new knowledge, intrigue, comfort, alot of laughter, sadness, FRUSTRATION, anger, resentment, acceptance, judgement, opinion, folly....but most importantly it has been a place of LDR in friendships. I honestly get so much from each of you...even the annoying blatherers (if you get a tingling feeling in your belly, I may be talking about you) Ya know I love you!
But seriously, I am beginning this blog...after many months of hesitation because I think it is time. Time to purge, vent and share. I am not really looking for advice. I have received so much over these months, but I of course invite opinion. And I don't mind a heated debate as long as you are ready for it too. I ask that some people refrain from personal and more importantly uninformed attacks on me, my husband, KT and most importantly 2Rings.
He gets beat-up enough on here, and for the most part that is because you do not know him personally, and there have been some slightly askew renditions of the truth as they say. Anyway, he is an amazing man: strong in every sense, talented, resourceful, hysterically funny, trustworthy(everyone who knows and loves this man, knows he is the most honest and reliable person you will meet-EVERYONE), attentive, a wonderful and devoted father, a loyal son and brother, sexy as all getout and so much more. He is the go-to-guy at work, home and church; and if you ever came across him as a stranger you would end up telling him your life's story. He is absolutely the best listener. He will do what it takes to make things better. He is a do-gooder in the best sense. That's how I fell in love with him. From a distance, observing and admiring from afar. I call him my confessor, my lover, my friend and MY soulmate. I never thought they existed until him. So I may be sensitive if there are any attacks on my love on THIS blog. So, fair warning to the powers that be, I would prefer the moderator be a silent partner and wait for a signal to jump in when I need it. Obviously the usual rules apply. With that being said, here we go....

Quick background: I am American, Irish-Catholic by birth, born into a blended family of my mother, I am her middle child, to my father I am his first-born. I am an Aries. So if that gives you any indication of my is that of the quintessential hell-child, alpha-girl, red lipstick-wearin tomboy and daddy's little girl. I grew-up in a working class neighborhood, one of seven children in the household-4 siblings, two cousins (whose mother died when they were young children) and me; and I love those roots. I could never imagine living anywhere that wasn't a city. No suburban dream for me ever existed. I like knowing my neighbors, having the corner store and being part of a vibrant, multi-generational, diverse community. I have a huge extended family, and we are close and in eachothers' business. I have been very involved in my civic community, and politics has been both a pasttime and occupation for much of my life.... both sides of the aisle so to speak, leaning more right than left. We are a "union house" but I would say that it doesn't always dictate my political views. As I said my family is Irish, and as you may know it is "the land of saints and scholars" we THINK we're experts on most things, have definite opinions about EVERYTHING and have no qualms about communicating those opinions whether through debate, a joke, a story, a song or a brawl. It all comes out in the wash.
So I grew-up as I did in the typical way...close-knit family, Catholic schools (uniforms and all), college(which I did not finish after third year- hence the reason I returned to university later in life as most of you know), spent my wayward youth seeking carnal knowledge of men, drinking,travelling a bit and learning about life. I worked a number of different jobs and occupations all of which taught me a bit more about myself. Some exciting, some...not so much.
As rebellious as I thought I was, and sexually adventurous as I thought I was,
I have to say I NEVER heard about polyamory until 2Rings told me about it in early 2009. He had told me about this forum, and it took me a few months-actually at the urging of KT to actually log-on to this site. There was something about finding a term for it that made me think...huh, maybe it wasn't that I wasn't able to find true love in that wayward youth, but rather I found it all the time and just couldn't rectify the "more than one" concept. So I lurked a bit on here, and I am glad I did.
(ok, it's really 3am. I promise to blog more and continue this intriguing story...yes that is sarcasm! TTYL.
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