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Idealist, are you saying it's not natural for people to stay in relationships long term, or just that you think long term relationships would work out happier if they were open? Lots of divorces have nothing to do with affairs, but more with the breaking down of communication, expectations, etc. Likewise I've seen many long term marriages that are extremely loving, and I've been enjoying the "ripening" of my marriage, how much sweeter it gets each year as we know each other deeper and share more experiences. We're not so much held together by a promise as by a choice. I'm choosing sexual monogamy because it pleases him, and I love him, and I don't think my other relationships would see much benefit from adding sex (most especially with my married dance partner). I really do get a kick out of talking with men about not having affairs together though! It's enough for me to know they like the thought of sex with me, and we can leave the rest to our imaginations.

So all right, yes. I'll just go with it. Right now it's falling for D, talking all about it with L, and taking that fire to bed with H, so life is certainly good.
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