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Thanks, Magdlyn. I'll give it a read.

I wonder though why monogamy comes so easily to so many people, though? And why it's just not right for others? So many people seem happy to focus on their one-and-only and find the thought of two lovers as silly as the the thought of wearing two pairs of shoes at once. Whereas I used to cheat or break up with boyfriends all the time, thinking each time I fell in new love that it must mean I'd fallen out of the old love, or it hadn't been love after all.

I don't feel like I've bartered my body for my childbearing years, at all. I feel like I have a man I love so much, I want to live with him and watch our children grow, and it's great that he makes money for us (I make some too) and we can share in the work of our home. I certainly have never had sex with him when I didn't want to. I think we must have had entire years without sex when I was too busy breastfeeding to want to share my body with anyone else, and he never complained. (I realize that's rare.) We do make small compromises to keep things going, but it doesn't really feel like much of a sacrifice to me to keep my other relationships out of bed.

I'll have to read the book. I want to know why I keep falling in love, if it can be called love!
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