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I do not believe in Veto's as for me that belongs to a mono relationship. If someone loves me they do not want to decide for me who is my loved one and who is not. When a couple has multiple relationships i sometimes wonder if it is really polyamory or more like an open relationship. If there is one most important person to me that is an open relationship that has overlap with polyamory but isn't so to me.
In my relationships both my partners are equal which in the case of veto means they would both have a veto option. If only one of them dislikes the other and therefore uses his veto what the hell would be the point?? Even when someone is a drug addict I would say it is my partners choice.

Even though somewhere you of course have to respect one another and have the same idea what the word respect involves for you both. If you love someone you do not want to put that person in danger and you will make sure your other relationships do not do so.
Veto could be meaning: communication. Stay open about your feelings, give your partner time to trust again if trust is damaged. We are people and we do get insecure sometimes that is normal. Take time to tell and show to eachother what they mean to you. If that means that you have to invest more time with that person at that time then another or even means you have to sometimes take a time out with that other person to settle things with one i think you have to do so. You owe that to someone if you respect and love them the last thing you want to do is hurt them, even if you do not mean to and you are not in your own opinion. Listen to one another and talk! SHARE
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