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Default work to do...

Woah, what a week.

We have all three been talking, crying, talking, laughing, talking some more.

@nycindie - For now, we have decided to do just that! yay!

Girlfriend - S - and I will continue. She and Hubby will not have "alone time" for a while. We can all be together.

I am willing and determined to work on my issues. Thanks to all (BlackUnicorn, TonBerry & RedPepper and others) who have posted links and suggestions to jealousy-related articles. I think I can get a handle on it, if given some time. I'm very lucky to have an understanding and loving husband, plus a girl who really cares about both of us and our feelings.

So, for now, we've morphed from a polyfi triad to a vee with me as the hinge. Who knows what's next....but I am happy, S is happy, and Hubby is happy.

Stay tuned for more updates. I can't express how helpful this forum has been for me. Thanks SO MUCH!!!!
still trying to figure it all out...

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