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I am an academic, an anthropologist to be exact and if there is one thing i do not believe in it are abstractions and definitions. They are made to give words an individual meaning but this differs upon cultures. That is why different cultures have different discourses. Like that there is no universal right nor wrong I believe as the circumstances around affect the choices made or the interpretations of the words.

I have always 'explained' people in terms like hippy, one love whatever and many have thought I was just easygoing (to their own disapointment). It is just yet (this is my second post) that i discovered someone made a definition for the fact i can love another person as much as the other and that expressing that love is best done in an intimate way.

Definitions are for those to try to grasp what the do not understand. We so badly want to put things in boxes, unraffle their mysteries but why would we want to do that? Why can't we leave things open for a change? As every individual sees the world to his or her eyes only. We all create our own reality anyway. Does it matter even if it is far from what someone else percieves real?

Bravo Charlie I reall love your post!
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