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It sure is a big mindfuck somedays !

Micro-labelling can bug me too. Especially *ahemm* the 'cowgirl' term. haha. Or a few others that make me roll my eyes.....BUT,...really, at the end of the day, you can only control your own reactions and feelings about words. I`ve come to a point, where I use general-term labels, because I know what they mean me.

I don`t identify as 'poly' as the general consensus on fundamentals, is not my personal belief, even though I feel poly in basic ability.

So I use 'Open Relationship/marriage' because it is a umbrella term in my mind. A umbrella that sub-cultures swinging, polyamory, dating, bdsm play-partners, and everything in between.

I know some people feel it lessens the 'value' or simply means casual play,.and that is totally acceptable. For me, never meant that. I could search and search, for a term that is more 'accepted' but there will always be people I run into that see it differently.

So for that reason, I would encourage you to use terms that make sense to you, on a personal level. Then, when you are asked questions, or care to offer explanations, you will feel more confident (and in turn, the receiver of your info, will feel more conviction in your explanations) and easily explain, or chat.

When it comes to alternative lifestyle, explanations are inevitable.
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