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Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
Hey all. I'm brand new to the site (gotta say, at least one good thing has come from my jealousy so far, and that is that it's motivated me to find this site!).

I'm sure this has come up in other places, but I haven't been able to find it. If people want to link me other threads with discussions about jealousy, that would be cool, or answer me in this thread .

Anyway, I'm relatively new to non-monogamy (coming up on a year with the woman I am with... been together for a little over three), and although I know that it is right for me/us, I still feel a lot of jealousy. My jealousy isn't blaming, aggressive, or even overt. I just feel a lot of internal stuff: self doubt, comparing, sadness, worry, etc... Without getting into the particulars of my own situation right away, I'm hoping I can get a good conversation started with some of you folks about your experiences with jealousy - being either the jealous one or the one with the jealous partner - how you've learned to deal with it, etc...

I love my partner very much, and I really want her to be free to be with whomever she desires, and I don't want to feel like shit whenever she is with somebody other than me. I've gotta get a handle on my jealousy.

What do you think?
Hi Isaac,
I think you're normal. I also think you're just like me. I've just recently jumped into a situation that made me so jealous I couldn't see straight. I really snuck up on me and I felt like I was losing my mind. From what I've read on this forum, it's just something I/we have to work thru. I have confidence that I can get over it and will be better off once I can get a handle on it.

In the meantime, communicate, meditate, whatever helps you feel better...and talk to us! We know JUST how you feel.

Best of luck!
still trying to figure it all out...

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