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What part of the south do you live in? The reason I ask is because of religion. Many religion-heavy areas tend to look down on this lifestyle. I used to turn my nose when I thought about being with multiple people but I have since found that it turns me on to think of being with another female than my wife, as well as having feelings for a lot of females and only wishing that I had the possibility of being more with them, and hoping for them to be more than just friends with my wife.

Another possibility could be envy/jealousy. They wish that they were able to have multiple partners/love more than just one person, yet they are married and trapped in a relationship where they can't even love that one person.

Either way, there is nothing wrong with you, so please don't think that there is {although it seems that you are pretty secure with who you are and knowing that this is perfectly fine}. I think it is THEY who are the issue

Oh, and congratz on getting to see the two of them nekkid! Now just throw them on the bed and enjoy it!
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