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Originally Posted by MindfulAgony View Post
In the end, if you can't trust my judgment about people, you need to be willing to work with me as I learn to be a better judge. Deciding for me is not particularly helpful. I realize that this willingness might not be without some pain. But, it is pain that could help strengthen the relationship because of the trust given, wisdom shared, and stick with me through those growing pains.

If I'm a fool and can't learn, then you might as well get out while you can anyway...
This is a good summation I think MA.......

Because of the control dynamics involved, one of the basics of poly involves giving up that control option.
And I know that in many cases, after you do that, your example is the way that's left to flow.
You either choose to accept SOME risk and try to work towards something better long term - or you call a spade a spade - and bail !

Every situation is unique and everyone's willingness or ability to risk is different. So the "bail point" moves..........

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