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Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
I love my partner very much, and I really want her to be free to be with whomever she desires, and I don't want to feel like shit whenever she is with somebody other than me. I've gotta get a handle on my jealousy.

What do you think?
Hey Isaac,

As RP suggested, lots of discussion here about jealousy and a search (tag or otherwise) will give you a mountain of info to consider.

Here's the short version..............

Jealousy (real) is a fear response tightly tied to insecurities and/or lack of enough information.

It's a control mechanism. Human nature.

For many/most that is the key to banishing it. We either proceed with our lives trying to always be in the control/driver seat or we develop confidence (through trust) that life will work it's way out the way it needs/ is supposed to. And that's the reality at the bottom of it. Things WILL work out the way they need to for everyone. All we do is forestall things by getting in the way.

Relax, inject positive energy into everything and it will all take the path it needs to.

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