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Red face Zusammen!

Hello all!!

I'm Zusammen, which is German for "together" -- but don't read too much into that; I'm a linguist more than a sentimentalist, and I just like the way the word sounds

I'm 29, female, and a Canadian Kiwi.

The closest I have ever come to accurately describing my spiritual beliefs is to say that I am Chaotic Good. I am unpredictable and a little eccentric, but more than anything I hate to hurt people.

I've only identified as poly for the last year and a half or so, after 10 years of almost continuous serial monogamy. Polyamoury was a realisation more than a decision. I'm pretty darn hetero when it comes to sex, while polyamoury, for me, is about feelings, be they platonic/emotional/romantic/sexual/affectionate/familial/whatever, and about the freedom to express those feelings. I make connections frequently and easily, and recognise every connection as special and unique.

I've been with Flax, 28, mono, for just over a year.

Recently I met Ajax, who I'm really rather smitten with. I only just broke the ice with him about being poly, and actually I don't think I've even mentioned Flax to him yet, so here's hoping things will work out...
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