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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
it seems to happen more often that people will expect a triad.
this and
Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
it just seems to me like one way to cling on to coupledom while practicing poly, in a 'best of both worlds' type of solution.
this and the individuality bit... it doesn't make me pessimistic, but does make me cringe... mostly because I don't like to see people set themselves up and quite often they do with the whole triad/unicorn thing... they seem to get all giddy over it as if it will answer all their problems and make their lives peeeeerfect and it just mostly doesn't.

Sigh, then they get mad because their bubble gets burst and they either fight it of don't come here again.... Ya, sucks all around.

Poly is just different. To try and fit it into the couplecentric world just doesn't work.... it just doesn't. I wish I could say that you will all live happily ever after unicorn lovers... but it just more often than not doesn't happen. A lot of time is spent making a dream reality without looking at making changes and seeing poly relationships as a chance to be individual and less the co-dependent institution that is marketed to us by mainstream culture.

Sorry, this is way off track... apologize all over the place.... !
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