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I can only reply from the "other" side. My husband, with no conscious prompting of my own, suggested we open up our relationship about a year ago-he specifically did this for me, women only. Which goes hand in hand with the fact that I feel more gay than straight. And speaking from that vantage point , I think, that if you can somehow relax into the fact that she is STILL with you, that you guys are STILL communicating, you might be able to see/find a level of love between you, you hadn't felt exist before. Because, speaking only for myself, I know that my husband, giving me my freedom, showing his trust in me and our love for one another despite the fact that our relationship has been pretty much sexless (for non-gender specific reasons) for the last 5 years has made me love him even more and feel so much more connected to him.I don't know if that helps your situation at all............I wish you luck, patience, compassion and lots of self- love and room to grow!
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