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Rarechild- Yes, he spoke his mind. He was honest in his feelings. Communication and honesty has been established. She now knows how he feels and he isn't "protecting" her anymore. Ok. Good. So everything is out there in the open. Now drop it. Let her come around when and if she's ready. Nothing good is going to come from having her watch MTV, read all about poly, watch youtube, etc. right now. It sounds like pressure she doesn't need.

Moose, I'm glad you were honest and a dialogue was opened. But, I agree with YGirl. It seems like you're trying to get some sort of permission from the members here to keep pursuing this RIGHT NOW. Right now you need to focus on your baby first, your wife second (I get the concept of make yourself happy first but she is in postpartum right now and very vulnerable) and then what YOU want and need. At this moment I highly doubt she'll see anything she can get from adding another relationship. She's exhausted, postpartum, probably feels horrible about her body, and most likely has no sex drive. To continue to bring up something she seems silent on just seems like pressure, like an attempt to shove it down her throat. You can put this off while you get used to your new baby, a huge adjustment in itself. I'm sorry, but anything else is selfish right now imo.
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