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not sure assumption ? im sure there is some, we do know this yeah the jealousy comes from us no question about it whatsoever but we know we have tried a few things consentual infedility ( and once noncensentual ) we have tried swinging fun and was what we thought we wanted until we started considering this what we know is this not into it for the independence we like the multi-partner sex the pillow talk afterwards and getting to know each other and afterwards as we wait for our friend to call us back we both like the fact that we desire to be near a person( maybe just this 1 person) on the seperate exclusive relationships that we have seen we dont think that is right for us as we understand it might work for some people i think it would be humiliating in a way to watch my wife have a seperate relationship with someone else and when i have gone on solo exp with others there is a certain degree of angst bad feelings regarding that now with the 1 we liked and exp together we were amazed and the jealousy was nonexistant i mean my wife had sex with him solo on our anniversary w/out permission and honestly it wasnt like such a huge betrayal, and the fact that we both had those feelings and were able to express them together was pretty f@#$%^ cool now were not seper xp and or have a bunch of xp or knowledge of this world what we know is this when we got our heads around the idea a mutipartner bi all inclusive ltr seemed like heaven to us
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