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Now THAT is an EXCELLENT quote Sage! I like it a lot!

This is going to be all out of order, sorry. My mind is spinning with everything that is going on!

I got SpicyPea and the baby loaded up on the plane this morning. She texted to let me know she'd made it safely to Seattle a few minutes ago.

Maca got the opportunity to plan a date with his FWB this afternoon. He was looking forward to that. It was ironic, cause he had a rough morning yesterday and I texted her to see if she might be able to talk to him, meet up, give him a hug and kiss; cause I was trying to catch up on homework. She wasn't able to meet up yesterday, but they were able to make plans for a little time today.
(She's in the same town as him now, where as I'm 50 miles away).

Anyway, that was cool.

I dropped two bags of clothes off at the consignment shop this afternoon. Then, when I got home I bagged up another bag of baby clothes that will all be too small for the baby by the time they get home (they won't be returning til May 21st). So, tomorrow I can drop those off too.

GG finished the work on the room upstairs. SaltyPea helped me get GG's dresser, bed and bedside tables moved up this evening. I still have to move two book cases, an entertainment center and a shitload of boxes up. But, it's a start. We also got SourPea's bookshelf and books moved down. She's moving all her stuffed animals to the livingroom couch as I type so that we can move her bed down.

It will be nice to have her back in her own room again and not sharing with her brother!

I'm still pretty hormonal. Saying goodbye to a teary-eyed daughter and the new grandbaby was a little tough-but no tears fell. Just emotional.

Tomorrow Maca has an appointment out here at 4 to look at a 1bdrm apartment. He asked if I wanted to go with him and I said I'd love to, so we'll get to see each other for a little bit tomorrow evening.

We (Maca and I) had a good talk last night. I was in tears. He was patient, it's hard to talk when you are crying. He let me take my time getting the words out of what was on my mind, what I was worrying about. We talked through some of my concerns and were able to set out some specific plans in our "goals" to work on the details of how to resolve the issues I've been worrying about. It was helpful to be able to just talk it out.

Now, I gotta get back to moving furniture....
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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