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Originally Posted by habitat View Post
Can anyone relay their experiences with hanging out with metmours for the first time? Particularly ones who aren't necessarily poly-identified and are a bit jealous? Any advice or musings would help!

Thanks and appreciation
I've been in this situation before and fit your description at that time. I don't think the word jealous best describes what I felt leading into those meetings. Uncomfortable and awkward would better descride it.

I discussed these things in depth with Redpepper before we all met up and she discussed my concerns with her other patner. Her partner understood and they both were very considerate to my "newness". The result was I was much quicker to be comfortable around them doing intimate things around me.

We are talking about relationships that could last for some time so holding back shouldn't be a problem at least for a couple of meetings. I gurantee you it will pay dividends

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