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Default Let up

I am not a parent myself, so I can't come from that angle, and I'm sure you are all coming from a good place there, but did you hear what Moose said? He just recently identified his own feelings, already talked to her, and they had a good conversation.

I do agree that now might not be the right time to act on those feelings, but I never got anywhere by protecting someone from my feelings, so that's where I'm coming from.

I think that Moose respects his wife enough to tell her what he is thinking, and did so- with a positive outcome from what's been written.

Sure, Moose you're going to be really busy adjusting to life with your new child, and these are all good thoughts I'm sure you will take under advisement, but I respect the fact that you didn't patronize your wife by waiting to tell her and all along hiding something that is happening in your mind and needs to be addressed.

Communication should not be put on hold for pregnancy, childbirth, or anything else.
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